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Here at Brown's Boilers we are specialists in working with radiators, good maintenance of your radiators by a reputable company will keep your boiler running smoothly, all of the rooms in your house warm and reduce your heating bills.

Most people are not aware that by cleaning or replacing your radiators you can reduce your heating bills drastically. Your heating system requires maintenance. If not, your system will not perform efficiently and your system will rust and rot overtime from the inside. We offer 4 levels of cleaning your system.
Radiator replacement is the best way to clean as all the rot from inside your radiator will be removed.

Sludge is the number one cause of boiler and radiator breakdowns in the UK. We offer the following services to remove sludge from your heating system.

Full system flush will remove up to 90% of the sludge from your radiators and increase efficiency. Once flushed your system will be protected.

Radiator valve replacement along with the flush will allow us to provide an extreme flush by using our specialised water vacuum to remove 99% of the sludge from your radiator returning it to almost new.

The basic thing would be to simply drain the system and replenish your system with fresh water and then add protection to your system.

With each of the services we will add protection to your system which will last for two years.


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