Luton, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and London areas


Brown's Boilers in Luton offers expertise in boilers that is second to none, we are Gas Safe registered and qualified to work on Vaillant Boilers, Worcester Boilers, Baxi Boilers, Ideal Boilers to name a few.

At Brown's Boilers our methods have always to been to follow the manufacturers instructions when it comes to working with Boilers. We have found that this leads to our customers boilers lasting longer and performing better. In Luton plumbers don't really offer their customers the best advice. We work on a by the manual service. We always adhere to manufacturer instructions, all our repairs are based on providing you with long term repairs. We prefer not to do quick fixes and get repeat call-outs, we prefer long term fixes that result in long term repeat business for annual servicing.


Brown's Boilers offer the very best level of boiler repair in Luton, Hertfordshire and Luton. The reason for this is simple. We aim to offer long term solutions to your heating problems by exposing any errors in your system, any faults that may have caused your boiler to breakdown in the first place. This way you know what is likely to break in the future and can fix it before it happens so that you're not left without heating or hot water when it matters.


  • Different companies will offer different levels of servicing, we have tailored our service to meet individual needs:
  • Landlord service - This is a basic service that meets the minimum requirements required by Gas Safe with regards to safety.
  • Homeowner service - service required to meet the requirements of Gas Safe and home insurance.
  • Longevity service - boiler service to meet manufacturer instructions and keep your boiler running for the longest time possible. This is the service we will provide to our customers who have had a boiler installed by Brown's Boilers.


With our boiler installations in Luton, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and the London areas, we like to offer our customers long warranty periods from the manufacturer. We can offer boiler installations that come with 2, 5, 7, 10 and even 12 years warranty. Meaning that you will only need to pay for the annual service for the period chosen regardless of the fault. Peace of mind is what we provide to our customers. We don't cut corners on our installs and meet all government, manufacturer and gas safe requirements.


We are qualified and recognised by our accreditation with Gas Safe (formally known as Corgi). Please click here for registration details.

We can work on Boilers, Gas Hobs, Gas Ovens and Gas Fires. We can provide Gas Safety certificates, locate and seal gas leaks, install gas hobs and ovens. We can reconnect your gas supply, if your Gas supply has been capped or disconnected due to a gas leak or a carbon monoxide detection.

We understand the importance of our work to keep our customers safe from gas leaks and you can rest assured that your house will be Gas Safe after one of Brown's Boilers Gas Safe engineers attends your property.

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